Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hee...I have embarked on a big "Get Organized 2009" project. Woo! Today, while cleaning out a bunch of crap in the Crap Room. Er...Craft Room...I came upon this checklist in my handwriting circa 1998 - and presumably with strikethroughs and notes in Mr. G's handwriting:

Mr. G's Wedding "to do" list

8/7 Email Groomsmen
8/7 Get Tyson's phone number (left message)
8/15 Write gift letter for house $$
8/19 Set up account @ Tuxedo Place
8/22 Meet at Louies to plan rehersal dinner menu
8/24 All addresses collected
8/24 - 8/31 Address invitations
9/5 Shop for groomsmen gifts
9/14 Order Tuxedos
9/21 Get marriage licence
10/9 Rehersal @ 6:30
10/10 Get married

I guess this is proof that we both knew what we were getting into.

And I know for a fact that he did complete the last two items on the list.

I'm not bossy. I'm an exceptional delegator.



Emily R. said...

Sweet! I bet your list was longer :D :D Mine was!

Clover said...

You know it. I didn't even have a list. I had a backpack full of binders.

Thanks for stopping by Emily! I really like your blog. (pssst...go check her blog out. It's cool.)

OMG! OMG!! Proof positive that Blogger is sending me naughty subliminal messages through the word verification word is "phick".

So bad. I am a nice, upstanding, young, mother. They should be ashamed.

(Was the "young" part pushing it?)

Shauna said...

That is so funny!

Thanks for stopping by my site. Love yours!

Jeanne Pellerin said...

Thanks so much for the post on my blog!! I will be checkin your out on a regular basis!! You are right, that Elmo toy kinda creeps me out, too! :)

Sara Joy said...

HA HA! Love it! A. doesn't even know how big his list is yet ;)

Did you really have him address all the invitations? Impressive!

Oh yes, binders & accordian files & notebooks galore. Such is my life.