Wednesday, January 07, 2009

So…um…I think my kids are pretty smart. I know. Shock of shocks. A mom who thinks her children are exceptional. But seriously, they are smart. Too smart for their own good on occasion. And this is not just me talking. That particular opinion is shared by a myriad of people including, but not limited to: their father, their grandparents, a psychologist who I sit on a board of directors with, a lady I know who works with gifted children and the lady who was bagging her groceries next to me at Winco** today. So, see. They are bright kids.

**Tame day at Winco. No Justin Timberlake lookalikes or crack moms in pajamas.


I will sheepishly admit that I let them leave the TV on pretty much all day on Wednesdays right now. We are trapped in the house by the cold and slush. And they don’t usually sit drooling in front of it. Noggin is just kind of background noise while they wreck havoc on the living room. But for some freakish reason that I do not even pretend to understand they are mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba.

But I will admit. It’s growing on me. I can’t explain why. It’s like there is a group of really hip grownups who get little kids like you wouldn’t believe. And they have decided to combat the Barney’s of the world by producing this weird show.

And now that I’ve spent some time on their blog "Yo Blogga Blogga" I believe that to be even more true.

I can’t say that I’m in love with the songs. And really, what the HELL is Muno supposed to be?

But I love the dancing. Break it down.


Kristy said...

My kiddos like Yo Gabba Gabba, too. But, Jack, my oldest, LOVES The Upside Down Show. Cuckoo if you ask me!

scarlett said...

Okay we are a little out of preschool land now that everyone heads off to school every day but that Muno looks like something you would find at a tasteful treasures party...sorry that is just what I thought of when I saw him. Now you can Yo giggle giggle when you watch it!

Clover said...

Girl...Why do you think I posted the picture? Hahahaha! Actually, if you Google Muno you get all kinds of interesting blog posts about his, erm...phallic appearance.

Jeanne Pellerin said...

It's Gumby after being exposed to environmental toxins!

AngMomof3 said...

Agreed. Odd show. But I still find myself singing and dancing along...