Thursday, March 26, 2009

Real quick...Can someone please explain to me how to pottytrain a boychild? Will is starting to have real interest in the potty. He tells me when he's got messy pants, he goes into the bathroom and points at the toilet, talks about the potty, etc. So tonight before his bath I put him on the potty seat just to let him sit there. He thought that was all kinds of fun. But I was is that going to work? If he pees it's just going all over, right?

Ok. Thanks. :)

Oh, and if you see him don't be shocked if he points to his diaper and says, "Penis!" He kinda loves it.



AngMomof3 said...

oh boy. We are just finishing boychild training here. But we're still not finished.

I think G-man did the same thing a year or so ago... showed interest, we got him to do it once in awhile on the potty and picked one special outdoor spot (away from neighbors' eyes) as an alternate to the potty.

Go with it, but don't push it. He will probably change his mind. It won't hurt to get him practicing, but my guess is you'll have a long road ahead if you plan to keep on keepin' on until he's "finished" (G-man is 3 and a half. Not quite done.)

Shannon said...

We got all the potty training gear at about 18-20 months -- can't quite remember -- because he showed interest. Things were going great until he got bored.

Now he pees on the potty, usually just once a day right before his bath. But pooping? No way. We've hit a wall as far as that's concerned.

As for pee spray, I was worried about that too, but we don't even use the pee shield on his potty. We've taught him how to scoot far enough back on the seat that it angles his pelvis - and penis - at the right angle, and it all works out fine.

Now, if we could just get him pooping in there again!!! I would love a break from poopy diapers.

scarlett said...

Yeah, well it takes a while. My little man was interested at 18mons. and finally succeed at 3. I had him stand. I would tell him to make bubbles in the water to help with the aim. Cheerios work as well. Throw a few in there and let him aim away. Pooping took a while but we finally made it. Another way that I got him to finally potty train was letting him run around the yard naked. I know it sounds weird but he finally connected the feeling with the pee because he could see it and for some reason boys just love to be in the buff. You'll get there just don't expect it to be done for another year or so.

Tales from the Crib said...

have him scoot back (sitting) and tuck it down. It may be awhile before he adjusts to standing to pee, but don't sweat it, he'll see dad standing and want to try it himself eventually. And he'll likely tuck and pee while he poops for a long while (TMI?).

My eldest wasn't ready to PT until close to 3. I had him go bare bottomed for a few days and it did the trick. Lots of cheering, celebrating, M&M's, and special match box cars for pooping. We went to the store to buy them (a box of 5), then I put them on a shelf and told him he could have one car each time he pooped. I did end up using a few of hubby's old matchbox cars to seal the deal, but by 8-10 cars he was trained. We used M&M's for pee. I really feel lucky it went so smoothly for us, but I haven't even really given it a try for H-man yet. He's 2.5. I'll probably work on bare-bottomed some time this summer when he can run around naked.