Thursday, March 05, 2009


It’s official. After several weeks of feeling frustratingly plateaued at the gym, I’ve lost two pounds. I think it was one pound out of each breast. But I hear that in this sagging (pun intended) economy guys are going back to National Geographic for porn. So rocks in socks are hott again! I told you I was bringing sexy back.

This is really important. Not only for my self esteem, but for international relations. You see, I’m taking my on-its-way-to-being-toned body to South America. And I am SO excited! My lovely friend Miz J and her husband the Captain are hosting me and another of our friends aboard their boat in a few weeks. And said boat is in a lovely little Cay in South America. I think it’s called PARADISE or something like that.

I have been hoping to make the trip happen since New Years Eve when the idea was hatched. It wasn’t looking good there for awhile. But once we found miles tickets we were good to go. You wanna hear how much my airfare cost? $67.00. You read that right. And 40,000 miles. 40,000 miles that I can’t even use to get a ticket to Seattle because miles are a TOTAL crock…except in this particular case where they worked out brilliantly and now I get to go on a big adventure!!

I am nervous about being away from my husband and kids for so long. But Mr. G is staying home to be SuperDad. So I know that they will be in good hands. When Dad is in charge they do fun stuff and have a tendancy to forget all about me. So it will be fine.

Now I have a couple little shopping missions to attend to. I need some good boat shoes. I saw some in the Eddie Bauer catalog. But they cost about twice my airfare. And y’all know I am super duper CHEAP. So I am going to see if I can find some on sale. And some cargo capris. I’m thinking Old Navy…

Picture courtesy of Miz J who took it right there in Paradise.



beege said...

If you happen to notice a green glow to the northwest, that's me: green with envy. :) Have a hell of a good time (like I have to wish you that with MizJ, LOL).

Shannon said...

You lucky girl!!!!

I will also be contributing the the green glow in the Northwest.

Good for you for seizing the opportunity!!!

Did I mention that I'm jealous???

Sara Joy said...

YAY! I'm so excited for you that it worked out. And $67??? Unbelievable. How long are you going for? Give J big hugs for me!!

I'm so jealous. Although I will be going down to that very same South American paradise myself in just about 108 days with my HUSBAND! :)

jmac said...

um.....ya might wanna check your ticket and make sure it says CENTRAL america and not SOUTH america!!!
Now that's a MOM who needs a vacation!

and luving your use of the word "paradise". Indeed it is!

wiwwa said...

What size shoe do you wear?

Clover said...

Sorry!! I am so bad at geography...

Size 7. :) How come?