Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Will to his Daddy, as Mr. G is sinking a spectacular three pointer from about 20 feet out, "Almost Dadddy!"

Sweet Pea to her new BFF that she met at the McDonalds Play Place - they are up at the top of the slide and think that because I can't see them I can't hear them either, "A boy kissed me on the lips yesterday."

Our never-married/no kids friend, to me, during a conversation about how Mr. G should (or should not) be allowed to have unlimited Boys Nights Out since I am going on vacation without my husband and kids, "Well, he makes all the money."

Mr. G to our friend during the same conversation, "I am pretty sure I don't need you to negotiate this for me. Thanks. No, really. Stop talking."

Will to Sweet Pea while showing her the Monsters vs. Aliens toy in his Happy Meal, "This Good Guy!"

Sweet Pea to me this morning after giving her approval of my outfit, "You haven't worn that shirt in a long time Mommy. How cool is that?"



Annie said...

"He makes all the money"????? Oh My God. Seriously, I have no words for this.

Clover said...

I know. I know. Be consoled in the knowledge that he is a 35 year old guy who's mom still does his laundry. He knows not what he sayeth.