Monday, May 04, 2009

It is so strange to think that the last time I posted here I was aboard the Blew Bayou. Sniff. Sniff. I miss you crystal blue waters! And I am sorry to have neglected you little Blog!

I have more Roatan pictures to post soon. And also pictures from Easter. But I have been so busy getting back in the swing of things here at Casa Clover that I haven't even had time to download them from my camera. C'est la vie. Because we have been in party mode!

You wouldn't think a 5 year old birthday party would take a week of preparation. But birthday parties in April and October are good motivation for my twice annual deep clean. It basically creates a blank canvas for the partygoers. This morning I found a glob of gooey blue glittery gunk on the white carpets.

Le sigh.

I'm not sure exactly how to measures such things, but based on smiling happy people and the size of the mess, it was a good party. Sweet Pea got a pile of loot, so she thinks it was a success as well. It took us about 48 hours and an arsenal of power tools to get all the toys out of their boxes though. I honestly don't understand why it's neccessary to sew Barbie's hair into the packaging. Unless, and I think I might be onto something here, toys really DO come to life when the humans are out of the room. I suppose the miles of coated wire restraints might stop an uprising at Toys R' Us. (Dude, I SO knew my toys did that.)

I suppose Thumbelina Barbie and the Littlest Pet Shop critters can hail me as a hero. They have been set free to inhabit the magical land called Sweet Pea's Room. I am busy finding places for them out of the reach of the doll deheader and spreader of blue glittery goo.

I'll be back when my carpet is (temporarily) white again.

Thanks for being patient.


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Shannon said...

Love this post.

I totally think you're right about the wire restraints!! What other explanation can there possibly be???

Glad the party was a hit.