Monday, May 11, 2009

Now that I'm a Mom:

Something fabulous happens every morning within minutes of getting out of bed.

I have a favorite cartoon.

When I'm on my cell phone with another mom and the call gets dropped I don't think it's weird that we don't call each other back.

I have to leave town to get a day off.

I determine how clean the house is based on the level of sticky.

I have totally adjusted my ideal body type.

I have deep love for the McDonalds Play Place.

Friday night means getting to go to bed kinda early. Saturday morning means getting up the same time as always.

I have entire playlists that consist of Radio Disney songs.

I listen to them.

I eat peanut butter on a lot of weird stuff.

I have developed germ phobias.

I still don't like everyone elses' kids all the time.

My kids' poop isn't usually that gross. But vomit is ALWAYS gross.

I love Dancing with the Stars because of the dancing that occurs in my living room. Ditto American Idol and the singing.

I get homesick.

I never buy myself new clothes.

I can understand other people's 18 months olds' chatter.

Kissing on TV makes me uncomfortable.

Talking about body parts in a very frank way doesn't.

I feel like I need to reconnect with church.

I love contruction paper + glue + beans.

I take my kids to places where kids don't usually go and don't give a rip if it pisses people off.

I spend a lot of time in places that gownups don't usually like.

I understand unconditional love.


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