Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Okeydokey...I am a lil bit behind the times on this game methinks. But my friend Shannon (of AnchorMommy.com fame) posted this on her blog a while back and I bit. So now you lucky peeps get a chance to get some swag from Moi. And you know I can craft you up some cooltastic swag...

The Rules:

I agree to send a lovely little something (or somethings) in the mail to the first three bloggers who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this Pay It Forward project on their blog, pick three people to send something to, and so on.

You have to promise you will post about this on your blog and link to mine.

Make sure to include your email address in the comment (if I don't have it already) so I can email you to request your shipping address.

If you don't have a blog...I don't want you to be excluded. Just make sure you leave your email address in the comments, and we'll agree to skip over the blog posting part. But you still have to pay it forward to three others!

If you are reading but not posting, now might be a fun time to de-lurk. :)

Oh, and at the risk of jinxing this whole thing, the fish are still alive. (knock on wood) My kiddos are completely in love with the fish. I think that at this point I am just WILLING them to make it another day. And also, they are still named Doggie and Kitty. So maybe when you are saying your prayers tonight ask for good health for Doggie and Kitty. (You may want to be more specific than that. Like, "good health for Clover's kids' fish who happen to have the very generic names, 'Doggie' and 'Kitty'." They need all the help they can get.) And also, I know that it is supposed to be Doggy. But I like Doggie better. And it's my blog.



Reading Mom said...

Okay Clover, I'm in. Swag me up baby. Can't wait to see what I get. My blog address is margothinksit.blogspot.com and my email is mom_reads_alot@yahoo.com.

Love your writing. Love your posts.

Anonymous said...

At first I was going to be all kinds of noble and just say, "No cool Clover swag for me, thanks. I'll just pray for your fish."

But then I remembered two things:

1) I'm not that noble.
2) You make some cool chit.

I'm in. ;)

Sally said...

You see I want to join in but I can't make ANYTHING!! Can I cheat?

Clover said...

It doesn't have to be ho-made! Mine will be, but of course you can play. :)

WOOOHOOO! Yay! I'm excited!!

Shannon (AnchorMommy) said...

All the job quitting and blog launching has SERIOUSLY impeded my pay it forward progress. Hope you can forgive me. But I have not forgotten!!!