Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First of all, thank you all very much for your links and gluten free food info. It is much appreciated.

I think that until about an hour ago I was being pretty cool about this whole thing. First of all, the diagnosis of "mildly positive" didn't sound too scary. (And I am in the process of sending my results to our Gastro doc friend to have him decipher that for me, as there seems to be quite a range.) Second, there seem to be lots of things that G-Free peeps can eat. So aside from being really, REALLY, sad about Triscuits, I was cool. It seems almost like a challenge in the kitchen really.

But then this morning happened and now I am officially bummed out. I dove head first into research mode. Argh. Turns out that gluten is in EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. Soy sauce, blue cheese, corn starch, seasonings and seasoning mixes, commercial oats, caramel color, vegetable and plant protein, flavored tea, processed meats, Dextrin - I don't even know wtf that is, but I see it on labels alot - medicine, lipstick. LIPSTICK?

It's totally overwhelming. And then I tried searching for local resources or classes at our hospital, and all I got was a list of restaurants that have g-free menus. And then you read the reviews of these places and hear all the horror stories from people who went there, got slipped a crouton and spent a week in bed.

And now I am hungry and my fridge seems like the enemy.


I did buy myself two books. Including Gluten Free for Dummies. Which seems wildly appropriate right now.

I know it will all be fine. It's just a little daunting. Thanks for letting me vent.



wiwwa said...

I'm guessing the people that got really sick are the people who are full blown allergic to gluten. if you're mildly allergic, then all that shouldn't happen if you're slipped a crouton or some gravy. My SIL has a moderate allergy, I'm guessing, and she plans for meals where she'll eat pizza or have something not on the menu. She has an Rx for it and just knows that she'll be, well, um, uncomfortable the following day.

You'll be ok. Hoping Sweet Pea is just a mild allergy as well.

Clover said...

The more I read the more I realize that a lot of the stuff I have dealt with all these years might be related. Canker sores, itchy rashes, joint pain...not to mention all the tummy stuff. So, yeah. I'm hoping the mild thing is true. But I also wonder if when you start cutting it out you make yourself more sensitive when exposed? Sheesh.

More than anything its just overwhelming to think about having to scan every label, every restaurant menu, etc. etc. FOREVER.


All the Little Bits said...

Hang in there Katie! You will overcome this like a champ like you always do. Excited to see you next weekend for Farm Chicks.

beege said...

Do you think your mystery rash was related to this?

I'm really sorry you're having to go through this. I can identify with the "fridge as enemy" thing...I felt that way about gestational diabetes the first time around. But at least I had an end date with that, and I knew it.

You'll get this figured out, and you'll feel tons better. But between now and then it's probably going to suck.

Shannon said...

Hey, I just thought of something else. I have been addicted to www.crockpot365.blogspot.com for a while now -- she committed herself to the challenge of making one crockpot meal a day for a year and documenting it all on her blog -- and her kids are gluten intolerant. She is very honest about which slowcooker meals she's done that are worth making, which ones aren't, and also mentions a lot of products she's found (like sweet and sour sauce) that don't have gluten.

Just another resource to send your mind spinning right now. ;-) But really, I hope it helps.