Friday, June 05, 2009

Ok. This is just embarrassing.

I haven't been all that busy. I don't have writers block. I just can't think of a single interesting thing to tell you about.

I guess we are just trucking along. I'm doing alright with the gluten free thing. I have an appointment with a Gastroenternologist (sp?) in a couple of weeks. Until then I am trying to be really good about not eating the obvious stuff. No bread, no pasta, no cereal. And I'm reading ingredient lists, but all those sneaky things have me a little flummoxed. So I'm not sweating that too much for now.

So far it hasn't been too big of a deal. I've tried a few flour alternatives. Rice flour pancakes were great. The pizza dough, not so much. But I blame that on my press for time, not the flour. (I bought an instant kind instead of one that you let rise. Yeast is a good thing.) It sure smelled good though.

The kids only have 2 days of "school" left before we are on summer vacation. We have lots of big plans. So I'm both looking forward to it and kind of anxious about it. The formerly "Sweet" William is going through the terrible twos and trying threes this week. I'm hoping he's just trying to get it all out of his system. Otherwise I think we will have to find a priest who can exorcise the deamons...

I'm not sure exactly what's up with Sweet Pea. But she has suddenly developed a fear of other people. ALL other people. Everyone except me really. Which results in sudden bursts of head burying and leg clinging out in public. The other day at preschool drop off there was a fit of epic proportions. I am starting to wonder if kindergarten teachers are as adequately trained for this kind of thing as I had always thought they must be. They must be, right? I mean, I've never seen a mom attend the first week of kindergarten.

And, well. That's about it. Kind of lame really. I mean, not for me, filming live. But I don't really have any witty tales to tell. Aw boo.

I am having a fun girl week with my neighbor and the kids which could result in some hilarity. Or poignancy. Maybe. Right now it's resulting in a lot of thunderstorms, poop, and us wondering why we thought we should leave the dog at home. (Hello! Do you know how many times we've had to sweep the floor?)

And in a few days I am doing a quick lil' road trip with some other girlfriends that is certain to result in some postworthy tales. And a lot of pictures as it is kind of a rolling photography class.

Until then...there ya go. Life. Just life. A great life too.

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