Tuesday, June 30, 2009


1) I am sitting in Chalet Golightly with the screen door open behind me, and there is some sort of animal making a VERY weird noise. Kind of a howl. Kind of a bugle. Sort of WereElk-y really. If I am discovered half eaten in the morning, you know where to start.

2) I have verbally committed to walk a half marathon in November with my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law (Scarlett). Um...

3) I have also committed to our family version of The Biggest Loser Challenge. It is based on the percentage of your body weight that you lose, and there is a prize. $300. On some level I am going to win this thing. But only if I quit making macaroni and cheese for dinner. (So yum.) Final weigh in is the day after Thanksgiving. (cruel) My goal is 15 pounds.

4) Oh, right. I should post about the news on the food front. So apparently I am not allergic to wheat or gluten after all. My doctor's office misread my test results. However, reintroducing wheat back into my life is not going all that smoothly. So I dunno. Can't really decide what to do there. (The mac n' cheese was gluten free. FYI.)

5) Sweet Pea has a really nasty case of ring worm that I feel like I am losing the battle on. We tried Lotrimin, and then got a scrip for some other cream...spots clear up but new ones form just as fast. Swimming in chlornated water seemed to help a lot on Sunday, so my plan for tomorrow is this...A bath with some bleach in it, then put her cream on, then go buy iodine and put that all over her. May sound crazy, but...my poor baby! It's awful. Interestingly enough, it isn't nearly as contagious as I always thought it was. So that's good news.

6) I made cherry infused vodka with a splash of almond liquor. My plan is to add that to a bit of lemonade and some soda. Sound good?

Pictures of the great cherry picking and canning of 2009 to come. There's not much in this world as pretty as 24 quarts of sweet cherries and a whole lot of cherry jam.

In a related note...diapers full of cherry pits are gross. But also funny.



AngMomof3 said...

Dang. Lots of comments for you... here goes.

Are you sure the sounds are not your stomach growling?

A-MAZE-ING. A half marathon? Go, you!

Can I join your family? Love the idea of working together on this! Good goal, too. I should do that.

Stinky doctors... guess you learned a lot in your short gluten free life!

Ring worm can hang on like a leech. So not fun. My kids were just exposed to it too, so we'll see if I get to deal with that too.

Love your drink mix. Wish I could join you!

AngMomof3 said...


Diapers with blueberries in them are really bad too.

Clover said...

LOL on the blueberries!!

Clover said...

Oops. Hit the button too soon. Hopefully your kids will be Ok. I always thought it was super contagious, but I guess not. So says the doctor. Although, you know...that doctor isn't winning any prizes with me lately. But to his point, SP is the only one who has it around here. And it's not like her 5 year old self is being all careful and courteous toward the rest of us...

Anonymous said...

Um, I had a very unfortunate run in with cherry vodka and pink lemonade once. I am still not over it as evidenced by the wave of nausea I felt reading this post.
Let me know how it works out.
Aunty M.