Friday, June 19, 2009

Well. What can I say? It's been a week and a half of "all kids, all the time, summer vacation 2009." It's been fun. And I haven't had a single "Calgon, take me away" moment. (Admittedly, there have been a few, "FINE. Be naked/wear your shirt on backwards/don't comb your hair/read your own book" moments. So don't go nominating me for Sainthood just yet.) But it has been "all kids, all the time." So there hasn't been a lot of time for Mommy Activities.

Mommy activities include things like downloading pictures of your girl trip. And blogging. Ok, well, communication with adults of any kind is probably a Mommy Activity. But showering is NOT. Showering and other forms of personal hygene are a basic right. And if you have to plop your 20 month old in front of Yo Gabba Gabba with a box of crasins to get it done, YOU GO GIRL. Take that shower and don't look back.

Uh oh. I hear children waking up. So I will just quickly type that I am sorry for the neglect. And I am dying to look at, much less post some pictures from The Fabulous Traveling Photography Class, otherwise known as "Tour de Tater." (Sorry J. I know I was supposed to come up with that while we were in the car...I think all the laughing had me oxigen deprived.) And I also have this leetle idea about posting some bad high school poetry if I can find my old notebook...

And now I have to go fix my most requested gourmet breakfast. Toaster waffle anyone?


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