Sunday, July 19, 2009

My mom said, "Lets do something tomorrow that you wouldn't do if Mr. G were here." So I read her this:

Friday and Saturday. 8 am to ? Take a drive out to the beautiful Long Valley cattle country to Twin Pines Ranch. The garage is full of treasures, antiques, primatives, unique birdhouses, clothes and really neat stuff.

And then there were complicated directions and mention of gravel roads, which made it that much more enticing in my opinion. After about the 4th bright pink sign directing us further into the wilderness we laughed that it was definately an activity that Mr. G would have put the brakes on.

But the yard sale did not disapoint. There were treasures, antiques, totally amazing birdhouses, and really neat stuff. I took home $20 worth. Yay! But the drive...the drive was breathtaking. Did you know that while it was 104 degrees in Boise on Friday, here in paradise there are mountains still capped with snow? Have you ever watched an osprey hunt for fish in a river just enough below you that the bird is flying level with your car? Did you know that Birds and butterflies that winter in Mexico spend the summer right here in Idaho?

Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon.

If you are nosy like me you want to see some of the treasures. So here are a few (not that great) pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on the trek. Otherwise there would be fantastic pictures of Idaho's heartland, the really amazing birdhouses, and two kids going nuts over some horses named Beuford and Buck.

(I tried to find a way to buy their birdhouses, nothing online. If I track them down I will post info. They were so cool. Made out of reclaimed barnboard, tiles, license plates, glass doorknobs, horseshoes, barbed wire and so much more...)

Supercute Halloween decoration

Desk lamp with the silk lampshade that we painted green and brown with watercolors when we got home.

My favorite find - this old window. I am going to put photos behind the glass and hang it in our bedroom.

Cute sign that looked like it was made to go above our slider.

Wine basket that is now sitting on our plant shelf next to the "Vino" sign. And the two empty bottles in it were shared with good friends/family over the 4th of July holiday!

And finally, the Unicorn - but not the little raggamuffin girl...


jmac said...


Fun I love a great junk sale, especially one that is hard to get to!!
Love that window. If I lived close to you, I would prolly, borrow it from you.
Yay for fun weekend stuff!!!!

scarlett said...

sounds like a trek that you need to make again....with me in tow!

Mr. Shife said...

Some pretty cool stuff. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon especially since it has been hotter than heck here in the Treasure Valley.