Wednesday, July 08, 2009

There is this cute little farmer from Homedale, Idaho that keeps coming through our subdivision with his pickup full of fruit. I missed it when he came through with cherries, which is what inspired our picking day, but last night he had apricots. So I bought a small box. They are so delish.

He said to me in that way that only farmers from Southern Idaho can say it, "Might findsumbugs. Ahdon't sprayem." Which didn't really bother me cause I'm all Green and earth friendly and pro organic and stuff. But having just now dealt with getting said apricots in some type of longish term storage (i.e. cutting them up for freezing) I am starting to feel a little romantic about pesticide.

Ugh. Bugs.

I think I have all the tiny wormies, black bugs, and bug...erm...bug residue?...dealt with. So I am going to make some apricot puff pasty turnovers. Which should have a Weight Watchers points value of about 2, each. I know this because I used the recipe tracker on my brand spakin' new Weight Watchers online account to calculate it.

That's right. Day one of Weight Watchers and I am already trying to squeeze some baked goods into my measly little 22 points per day. I think I might be missing the point. No pun intended.



Anonymous said...

I love the cherry photos, first of all. I also love the tiny farmer story. I also say little when I like something, even if the thing I like is not in fact small. Why is that? Is the farmer indeed small? Is he a pocket farmer? I had a pocket doctor for awhile. And, speaking of small things, as in portions, welcome to WW.

Clover said...

He really and truly is small. He looks like a 12 year old. Except he is really probably about 75.