Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pillow Talk

Him: "You are so sweet."

Her: "Really? You don't mean evil?"

Him: "No, you're sweet."

Her: "Sweet like Devil's Food Cake? Or sweet like vanilla ice cream?"

Him: "Yes."

Her: "Sweet like pink cupcake? Or sweet like pink lingerie?"

Him: "I like lingerie."

Her: (Sigh) "I'm not very good at lingerie."

Him: "How do you mean?"

Her: "Well, the last time I went shopping at Victoria's Secret my friends told me the one nightie I liked looked like a drop cloth."

Him: "I like things that drop. You know, to the ground. Like lingerie that drops to the ground."

Her: "You didn't really have to spell it out like that."

Him: "Shhhhhhh..."

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