Monday, September 21, 2009

I want to...
Bake a pie and eat the whole thing
Get a mani pedi
Sit on the couch with my kids and a blanket and watch movies all day
Be able to run 5 miles
Speak Spanish
Make money creating art
Take guitar lessons
Have a quiet evening alone with my husband
Have a garden
Drink some tea
Go to bed early
Make it to Yoga class
Finish the project I'm working on
Win the lottery
Get all my laundry done



Mendy said...

You can do all those things. I believe in you.

Clover said...

It's not really such an intimidating list. Except I kinda wanted to do all that LAST NIGHT. Today, new list.


emily said...

You had me at pie.

Tales from the Crib said...

ah, my sister from another mother...this is so my list right now...except the pie part, because I made a peach crumble and ate 90% of it myself so I'm all set on that one. :-)