Friday, October 30, 2009

Mr. G says that if I don't snark about this on the interweb he is going to hack into my blog and snark for me. Sooo...

Earlier this year the powers that be over at City Waste Management decided that all the citizens of my lil' town would be required to use a handy dandy new wheeled cart for getting rid of their trash. I have been using one of those bad boys for going on 10 years now. So this didn't impact me much. In fact, I am a champion of the wheeled cart. It's reeeeeeeeaaaly big. So no matter how much garbage a party plannin', diaper changin', holiday hostin', yard workin' Clover can create...I only need the one bigass wheeled cart to dispose of it everso neatly.

And, as I am a 35 year old whose triceps are beginning to show some real definition - for reals, there is a little line back there amid the jiggle!! And, as I often have at my disposal not only my husband, but all the neighbor men who I have somehow bossed into doing my bidding, wheeling my bigass cart to the curb has never been a problem. (Unless you consider the fact that I hate to touch garbage cans a problem.)

Howevah. It is only logical that a garbage can the size of a refridgerator might be cumbersome for some of my neighbors. (Especially people like, oh...I don't know...women with no tricep definition. Ahem.)

BUT NEVER FEAR. The Fathers of our fair city have come up with a solution. As spelled out to us in the flier that came with our last trash bill. If you are having trouble getting your cart to the curb, you can call the city and they will arrange for...

Are you ready? Because it's not what you think.

...a high school honot student to make a ONE TIME trip to your house to EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW YOU CAN MOVE YOUR CART MORE EASILY.

Because it's not that your 85 year old Granny needs help moving her 95 gallon trash cart. It's that she is TOO STUPID to understand how to wheel it to the street. So stupid, in fact, that a child will be sent over to give her a garbage can physics lesson.




Gridiron Girl said...

Yay for triceps! Boooooo for stupid people coming up with stupid ideas! That's absolutely CRAZY!

Clover said...

I think it might be a horribly misguided Eagle Scout project.

Kristy said...

I thought you were going to say they would have, uh, bsu football players come over to show them how it's done!