Monday, October 05, 2009

We just had the most fabulous visit from my dad. He left early this morning. The kids spent all afternoon moping about and missing Bompa. 4 days wasn't long enough.

I drove him around a neighborhood that I think he should move to. So everyone cross your fingers and send some "come home" mojo toward Wisconsin.

It was four days of big fun while he was here though. We went to the zoo, the pumpkin patch, the candy store...never a dull moment. I was, in typical fashion, terrible about remembering to USE the camera. But I did get some great snaps at the pumpkin patch. Enjoy!

The first order of business was to find a big hay bale to sit on and watch a pig race. You cannot even believe how cute little pink piggy butts are when they run around a track. Also up for a cute award was the little girl who stole the show when the emcee asked if anyone knew anything about pigs, and she answered, "They are made out of bacon!" Good answer!

Just in case you forgot how gorgeous Sweet Pea is. And yes, that is a parka she is wearing. It went from summer to winter overnight here.

Ok. Really? Is it even fair to the rest of the world that my kids are so beautiful? They are sweet and funny and smart too. And I am NOT the only person who thinks so.

Will chowed down on this free sample of cotton candy as though he had never eaten sugar before. He was totally trying to play Bompa's heartstrings. Which paid off later at the candy store.

Sweet Pea was a rockstar on the "Jumping Pillow." She didn't even fall down when the GROWN MAN knocked over her brother. As you can imagine, I was irritated. What you probably can't imagine is the level of irritation Mr. G displayed over said grown man being decked out from head to toe in Bronco gear. I am not even sure he knew that the guy knocked over his kid because he was so blinded by the orange and blue.

It is just really too bad that he didn't enjoy his first pony ride at all. I mean, c'mon Will. We're supposed to be having fun here. (Sweet Pea wants you to know that the pony is named Strawberry and the hat is borrowed.)

This pony is named Snowball. And that was all well and good, except for the fact that it wasn't nearly as wonderful as having your very own pony, Pistol. And "why oh why oh why did Papa have to sell Pistol to those other little girls when I could have loved him just as much as they do???" Methinks I'll be hearing about that one for a lifetime.

This is a skill I didn't know anyone in my family possessed.

Honestly. Who knew? I am so impressed with my little farm boy at times.

If you're family, you know why they picked THIS cow car over all the others.

Daddy and Bompa had to help, because the pedals were too far away. And because Mom was too cold to take her hands out of her pockets.


mendygraves said...

Aw Aw Aw Awesome.

clisa said...

Fun pictures Katie! Reminds me that we have to get up to Greenbluff...not sure when we're going to fit that in. Maybe I'll keep the kids out of school one day, heh.
That'd be cool if your dad moved to town.

Clover said...

Oooh, Greenbluff!! I wish we could go with you guys. Somebody really needs to get that teleportation thing invented and ready for public use.

Yeah, it would be cool to have my dad close. We miss him!

RedShoe2 said...

As your closest Giesa relative, I support your comment. I will stand and will shout from the mountaintops, "KATIE AND MIKE KERBY DO SO HEREBY HAVE THE CUTEST KIDS ON THE PLANET! AMEN!" 'cause you do. and I love the look on your Dad's face. He's really there, in it and loving it. I'm opening the Spell Book and finding the Smitten Spell, surely it will smite him back to Le Bois, ASAP.