Friday, November 20, 2009

If you are one of those people who thinks paranormal/metaphysical/spiritual stuff is really fruity, then you should just go up to the corner of your browser and click the little red button now. It’s about to get all kinds of Del Monte up in here.

Sweet William has a cold. A cold that by day has been no big deal. No fever. No unusual crankiness. He doesn’t even have green crusty nose. (Thank you Jesus!) But at night it morphs into this horrendous bronchial nightmare that results in a hacking cough, crying, moaning, sleeplessness…Its awful! The night before last I found myself by his bed at two o’clock in the morning tearfully praying that he would be able to get some rest. (And, ok, let’s be honest…me too.)

Thankfully, he did fall asleep. I didn’t hear him cough again until 4:15. He was kind of rustling around, so I lay in bed and waited for him to come into my room for the now standard “snuggle in mom and dad’s bed” before I took him back to his room and the overworked vaporizer. But then it was quiet again. So I sleepily weighed the pros and cons of getting up to check on him. After all, I didn’t want to wake him up. And it was so warm and cozy in my nice big bed…

But then it wasn’t. All of a sudden the air around my face, shoulders, and down one arm got really cold. Really, really, cold. It felt like the French doors in my bedroom had blown open to the night air. Except, that it wasn’t like a gust of air. It was like a heavy blanket of air. And on my face and arm were icy cold hands.

So. As I am want to do in situations like this, I started to pray out loud. The Our Father is kind of my go-to prayer for visits from the spirit world. You never know if you’re going to need that “deliver us from evil” part. And it can’t hurt to offer up a little “hallowed be thy name” either. Then I started to sing this old youth group song I know about stomping on Satan. What can I say? I’m a pessimist.

But then I heard Will coughing again, and he sounded so far away. I totally forgot about being freaked out and jumped out of bed so fast I even surprised my sleepy self. Once I stepped out into the hallway I could hear and see that he was downstairs in our living room with every light in the house on. He was playing with his trains and getting really irritated that his TV shows weren’t on.

So I just said, “Thanks Grandma, I’ve got it from here.” And I did.



Mendy said...

Oh, boy, way to make me cry at work. I know of what you speak.

Clover said...

Really?? I need to know more about that please.