Monday, December 21, 2009

Anyone who reads this blog should be counting their blessings that there hasn’t been a real post here for weeks. I have been in a world class funk. So funktastic, in fact, that I became officially sick to death of myself. Like an annoying houseguest that has stayed waaaay past their expiration date. I needed to pack my bags and hit the road before I lost my cool and said things that really hurt my feelings. Err...something.

But no longer. I have conquered the funk. And do you know what finally did it for me? I got some freakin’ cash and went SHOPPING. (If you were hoping for a quaint little story about how I learned to count my blessings and therefore discovered the true meaning of the Holidays you’ve got the wrong blog. I’m just sayin…) Retail therapy baby.

Ok. So let’s just face it. Being broke at Christmastime sucks rocks. Y’all know by now that I am no big spender. And I can definitely craft myself into a Happy Ho-Made Christmas. So lets not roll our eyes or make any “this is the year of cutting back” judgments just yet. But let’s just say, hypothetically, that you DID spend a lot of time creating very meaningful and personal gifts for the ones you love, and then your cars died and your window broke and you couldn’t afford to go buy a new printer cartridge so that you could turn those lovely jpegs into thoughtful handicrafts. Let’s just say that. That is NO FUN. Boo hiss!! Especially when this was the year you really wanted to go to the Nutcracker. And this year you wanted to get the kids their own art easel, even though they didn’t ask for it. And this was the year you had some other really cool gifts for deserving individuals all planned out. And, OH. BY THE WAY. This was the year you SAVED $700 FOR CHRISTMAS. (And thank goodness you did, because you needed it for other stuff.)

Le sigh. God and the universe have wanted me to learn a lesson this year. This much I know. I am still really confused about exactly what that lesson is, however. Not because I am thick headed. But because I am usually pretty darn good at remembering the true meaning of Christmas. And because I am not one to get all caught up in holiday stress, except for THIS YEAR, which has been the most stressful holiday season ever. EVER.

And by the way, my 5-year-old could give a crap about all that. In her own words, she “doesn’t want to go to Church School to learn about baby Jesus anymore. [She] just wants Santa to bring her a pogo stick!”

(Don’t worry. We talked about that…)

Ahem. So. Anyhoo…I got a little bit of cash last week and was able to get the things I really needed for Christmas day. Nothing extravagant. But Santa will be stopping at our house after all. If you’re a parent, and that didn’t just make you go “whew!”, then you are a much more enlightened being than I.

I’m not telling you this because I want pity or accolades or anything like that. I just want to say that I know this is a tough year for a lot of people. We are certainly counting our blessings, even as we feel ourselves stretched thinner and thinner. The fact that I can stress out over Christmas presents is a luxury.

But there are also realities that we are all dealing with. We don’t want to let down our kids. We want to create and keep some traditions alive. It’s expensive to put a holiday feast on the table. And maybe this one gets the shallow award, but you don’t really want everyone on the planet to know that times are tight. (Um…k…don’t get a blog.)

I say there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s totally O.K. to be frustrated and feel a little Grinchy about all of it.

But you really can’t turn into a mega Beyotch and be evil to your husband and children. At some point you have to snap out of it. If retail therapy isn’t an option, I also advocate eating a batch of sugar cookie dough while you put together Christmas playlists for your blog. Or driving your kids around to look at Christmas lights and teaching your toddler to go, “Oooooh!” and “Ahhhhh!” at the really Grizwald-y ones. Speaking of, watching Holiday Vacation with some eggnog is highly recommended too. And to chase the last of those blues away I suggest a little sledding on a golf course in central Idaho.

I’m back. Bring on the Fa la la la la’s.


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Tales from the Crib said...

xox - Merry Christmas my blogosphere friend! Your words speak volumes...