Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking a break from my pity party, table for one, to let you know that I am thinking about what little goodies will be winging their way across miles and even oceans to get to you ladies who responded to the pay it forward challenge. Something paper, something sewn, something...else! Woo!

And Beege, maybe I'll just deliver yours in person.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


First of all, thank you all very much for your links and gluten free food info. It is much appreciated.

I think that until about an hour ago I was being pretty cool about this whole thing. First of all, the diagnosis of "mildly positive" didn't sound too scary. (And I am in the process of sending my results to our Gastro doc friend to have him decipher that for me, as there seems to be quite a range.) Second, there seem to be lots of things that G-Free peeps can eat. So aside from being really, REALLY, sad about Triscuits, I was cool. It seems almost like a challenge in the kitchen really.

But then this morning happened and now I am officially bummed out. I dove head first into research mode. Argh. Turns out that gluten is in EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. Soy sauce, blue cheese, corn starch, seasonings and seasoning mixes, commercial oats, caramel color, vegetable and plant protein, flavored tea, processed meats, Dextrin - I don't even know wtf that is, but I see it on labels alot - medicine, lipstick. LIPSTICK?

It's totally overwhelming. And then I tried searching for local resources or classes at our hospital, and all I got was a list of restaurants that have g-free menus. And then you read the reviews of these places and hear all the horror stories from people who went there, got slipped a crouton and spent a week in bed.

And now I am hungry and my fridge seems like the enemy.


I did buy myself two books. Including Gluten Free for Dummies. Which seems wildly appropriate right now.

I know it will all be fine. It's just a little daunting. Thanks for letting me vent.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Um. I am kinda FREAKING. OUT.

Just kinda though. In case you thought I had lost all perspective.

I was tested a couple of weeks ago for Celiac Disease. Which is, simply put, a gluten allergy. You know, gluten. That thing that is in EVERYTHING we eat. Ok. Well, the yummy stuff.

And guess what? My test results came back mildly positive. I have no idea what that means. But there you go. My doctor reccomends a gluten free diet. I don't even know if I can eat my dinner.



Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Okeydokey...I am a lil bit behind the times on this game methinks. But my friend Shannon (of fame) posted this on her blog a while back and I bit. So now you lucky peeps get a chance to get some swag from Moi. And you know I can craft you up some cooltastic swag...

The Rules:

I agree to send a lovely little something (or somethings) in the mail to the first three bloggers who post a comment on this entry. In turn, those three will post this Pay It Forward project on their blog, pick three people to send something to, and so on.

You have to promise you will post about this on your blog and link to mine.

Make sure to include your email address in the comment (if I don't have it already) so I can email you to request your shipping address.

If you don't have a blog...I don't want you to be excluded. Just make sure you leave your email address in the comments, and we'll agree to skip over the blog posting part. But you still have to pay it forward to three others!

If you are reading but not posting, now might be a fun time to de-lurk. :)

Oh, and at the risk of jinxing this whole thing, the fish are still alive. (knock on wood) My kiddos are completely in love with the fish. I think that at this point I am just WILLING them to make it another day. And also, they are still named Doggie and Kitty. So maybe when you are saying your prayers tonight ask for good health for Doggie and Kitty. (You may want to be more specific than that. Like, "good health for Clover's kids' fish who happen to have the very generic names, 'Doggie' and 'Kitty'." They need all the help they can get.) And also, I know that it is supposed to be Doggy. But I like Doggie better. And it's my blog.


Monday, May 18, 2009

First - before we get to the part where I throw Karma to the wind - I want to tell you about a FABULOUS new web site that you should check out and tell all your mom friends about. My friend Shannon Patterson (of the Rayguns blog over there in the blogroll) just left her anchor position at our Fox affiliate to become a full time at home mom. This is her new project, and so far - I think this is day one - it ROCKS. Check it out:


So. I think we have covered before how much I love a carnival. It is my favorite form of humanity. The rides, the lights, the people watching - good GOD the people watching - the food...I love it all. I once wrote a poem titled "Ode to the Corndog." It had the word meatcicle in it. I really, REALLY, love me up a good carnival.

So you can imagine how totally out of my mind excited I was when our awesome friends/neighbors invited us to go to a little town west of here to attend the Apple Blossom Festival, and play at the carnival FOR FREE. (FIL runs a company that provides the carnival rides and games to local festivals and fairs.)

The Apple Blossom Festival? How cute is that? FOR FREE??? Did you hear my little heart sing? And THEN, it gets even better...and THEN, Mrs. Neighbor asked if I like to ride rides, because she loves to ride rides but her husband won't go on them. I was like, weeping with joy.

The only conflict here is that on Friday night I actually layed in bed and prayed to God to please oh please help me stop eating such bad for me food, and maybe, just maybe finally lose these last 10 pounds of weight that in good conscience cannot be attributed to any small children who were once, long ago, babies.

There's always tomorrow.

We got out of the car and instantly smelled the corndogs, which put me into a total headspin of "What I am Going to EAT" listmaking. The God of the Universe works in strange ways, however. Because right at that moment I looked around and saw 4 women my age who were at least - and I am not exaggerating to be mean or snarky here, I promise - at LEAST 150 pounds overweight. So I kept it in check and only had one teeny tiny corndog and some lemondade.

Which was good, because my friend Katina was not even kidding around about the riding of rides. We went upside down no less than 84,000 times. Sweet Pea watched from the ground and cheered me on. So for effect I screamed extra loud and made the "Rock and Roll" fingers that you are supposed to make just before your person is set to spin cycle on an oversized washing machine. Mr. G acted mildly embarrassed. Like he didn't realize that it was all for show and of course I would never act like that. Geeze.

We did lots of kid appropriate rides too, naturally. Sweet William begged to ride the motorcycles, but then looked uncharacteristically bored the entire time. (Unlike the poor 6 year old who screamed, "I WANT TO GET OFF THIS RIDE!" the entire time.) I did get him to crack a smile on the merry go round. But only on his third trip. (FREE RIDES!! NO LINES!! "Again Mommy? SURE!" AWESOME!!!) He reminded me so much of his daddy. Kinda like, "Meh. I'll go if you want me to. But I'd rather be playing golf."

Sweet Pea got brave and did two big kid rides with me. The scarier of the two was this seated sphere thing that flung you and spun you around. She LOVED it. But the pirate boat, not so much. I can tell she's not going to disappoint when she's bigger though. She was all about going fast and spinning round. Woohooo!

I did discover a couple things about being 35 years old at the carnival:

1) Prepare to be the oldest person on the Tornado by at least 20 years. You might find people your age on that one that looks like a hammer and goes all the way around. But they will not have very many teefs.

2) Prepare to be the ONLY people on the rides who can sing along to the AC/DC songs. (The ride operator asked us if we could name the band as we were boarding the Scrambler. We said "We know all the words!" And then watched as he excitedly told the other Carnies about the two old ladies who knew who AC/DC was.)

Ok. I take that back, there was one other person singing along. He was probably 10 years old, and he had a serious mullet. I am not even making that up. It was down to the middle of his back. In back. Heh.

3) You don't have to worry so much about throwing up, but you probably should pee before you ride. Those safety bars press on your bladder.

And 4) wear a good bra on the G-Force ride, or the girls will be pointing in opposite directions.

The good news is that the prizes at the game booths have not changed since at LEAST 1980. Which might make them cooler, given the nostalgia factor. We won two goldfish*, a wooden rose, and a creepy stuffed fish thing. We had ample opportunity to win one of those mirror wall hangings. When I saw the Obama one nestled between the Jack Daniels logo and a Playboy Bunny I was tempted.

*Meet our new pets. Currently they are named Doggie and Kitty. They have also spent time as Lizza and Swimmy, and Cheeto and Milk. Sweet Pea might get to name them something else before they die if she hurries.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am so bad at credits...Erm...I did some scraplifting from Becky Higgins and Creating Keepsakes magazine. I used a lot of Scrapgirls and Shabby Princess supplies. Got some new fonts from Kevin and Amanda...? Sorry. I know. Rude. Moi.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A quick shout out...I just checked out my blogger friend Tales from the Crib's new photography blog. GORGEOUS!! People in Colorado should be lining up to book this talented lady.

I'm having one of those days where I can't seem to get warm. It's made me decide to ditch being all productive, and putter around in the craft room instead. Woo!

I'm at September in Will's year long baby book. I took exactly two pictures of him in September. Geeze. Should be interesting...

(This picture was taken in April. Not September.)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Now that I'm a Mom:

Something fabulous happens every morning within minutes of getting out of bed.

I have a favorite cartoon.

When I'm on my cell phone with another mom and the call gets dropped I don't think it's weird that we don't call each other back.

I have to leave town to get a day off.

I determine how clean the house is based on the level of sticky.

I have totally adjusted my ideal body type.

I have deep love for the McDonalds Play Place.

Friday night means getting to go to bed kinda early. Saturday morning means getting up the same time as always.

I have entire playlists that consist of Radio Disney songs.

I listen to them.

I eat peanut butter on a lot of weird stuff.

I have developed germ phobias.

I still don't like everyone elses' kids all the time.

My kids' poop isn't usually that gross. But vomit is ALWAYS gross.

I love Dancing with the Stars because of the dancing that occurs in my living room. Ditto American Idol and the singing.

I get homesick.

I never buy myself new clothes.

I can understand other people's 18 months olds' chatter.

Kissing on TV makes me uncomfortable.

Talking about body parts in a very frank way doesn't.

I feel like I need to reconnect with church.

I love contruction paper + glue + beans.

I take my kids to places where kids don't usually go and don't give a rip if it pisses people off.

I spend a lot of time in places that gownups don't usually like.

I understand unconditional love.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

This made me smile...

This week


Right Now

Hope you are smiling too!


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Some Easter fun!

(I turned the auto start off the playlist so you could hear the music on the slideshow. If you're just here for tunes you'll need to push play on the player.)

Monday, May 04, 2009

It is so strange to think that the last time I posted here I was aboard the Blew Bayou. Sniff. Sniff. I miss you crystal blue waters! And I am sorry to have neglected you little Blog!

I have more Roatan pictures to post soon. And also pictures from Easter. But I have been so busy getting back in the swing of things here at Casa Clover that I haven't even had time to download them from my camera. C'est la vie. Because we have been in party mode!

You wouldn't think a 5 year old birthday party would take a week of preparation. But birthday parties in April and October are good motivation for my twice annual deep clean. It basically creates a blank canvas for the partygoers. This morning I found a glob of gooey blue glittery gunk on the white carpets.

Le sigh.

I'm not sure exactly how to measures such things, but based on smiling happy people and the size of the mess, it was a good party. Sweet Pea got a pile of loot, so she thinks it was a success as well. It took us about 48 hours and an arsenal of power tools to get all the toys out of their boxes though. I honestly don't understand why it's neccessary to sew Barbie's hair into the packaging. Unless, and I think I might be onto something here, toys really DO come to life when the humans are out of the room. I suppose the miles of coated wire restraints might stop an uprising at Toys R' Us. (Dude, I SO knew my toys did that.)

I suppose Thumbelina Barbie and the Littlest Pet Shop critters can hail me as a hero. They have been set free to inhabit the magical land called Sweet Pea's Room. I am busy finding places for them out of the reach of the doll deheader and spreader of blue glittery goo.

I'll be back when my carpet is (temporarily) white again.

Thanks for being patient.