Sunday, January 31, 2010

It is Sunday night and I am SO BORED. Which is dumb in that "only boring people get bored" kind of way. And also in that "I am the only adult in the house and while I am in here randomly searching the interweb for entertainment my children are running amock" kind of way. (Not that I think they are going to hurt themselves or each other...I'm not a terrible mom or anyhing. But I did just clean the carpets on Friday. And they have a bad history involving white carpet and crayola markers. I'm just sayin.)

Why does this happen to me on Sunday night? Ok. Well. I know. It's because I am so, like, Over. It. on Sunday night. Over refereeing. Over cooking. Over cleaning. Over thinking of fun memory making family activities. Just over it. I want to sit on the couch and watch something totally stupid like that Jersy Shore show on MTV that I keep hearing about. Total trainwreck. Perfect Sunday night fodder. But I can't, because MTV isn't Nickelodeon. And that is the only channel my TV will go to apparently. Well. Ok. Nick and ESPN. But I am pretty sure that's it.

Anyway. Lucky for us - that's YOU and ME dear readers. Because I finally got around to visiting a blog that Mr. G has been telling me about, and it is FEEEnominal. Check it:

Cordon Pink

The owner and writer of said blog is a second cousin of ours. And now I would like to officially put in a request for her to adopt me.

Um. In some very strange Twilight Zone moment, my children have just requested air popped pop corn for dessert. So I think the only thing I can do is make it for them quickly.

Enjoy your last few moments of weekend.



cordonpink said...

Hi Katie! You are so sweet!! I just saw this since it got a bunch of referrals on my google analytics. Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoy your blog and your fun writing style. I hope we can get together soon - I think it has been like 13 years!


Clover said...

Lindzee! I have had a few people tell me how much they loved your blog after linking from here. So, sorry about all my crazy friends I sent your way. Hahahaha!!

It has been a looong, looong, time. You've gotten all growds up since then. :) Can't wait to see you. Until then, I am really enjoying reading your blog.

We are making stuffed flank steak on Saturday! Mmmmmm....