Monday, March 15, 2010

Not surprisingly, they weren't apart for long. Not even a whole day in fact. I am guessing that they have already hosted a cocktail party...

William M. Giesa
September 1915 - March 2010

William Giesa and Baby William, February 2008

Gran and Gramps, Christmas 1959

Gran and Gramps, Christmas 2003


AngMomof3 said...

Love your photos. Sorry to hear of your loss... I totally get it. Dwayne's grandparents (who "adopted" me since I had no grandparents left) both passed away on the same day. Amazing to see such strong couples that they simply cannot live without one another.
Prayers for you and yours!

Sally said...

Aw sad but in a way so happy that they are together again after a very short moment apart...and both at peace....sending you all my love xxxx