Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We live in such a cool place. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago while we were walking around our neighborhood. (They are mistakenly labled January, but really it was February before we ventured out this year.)

Why do ALL little boys, given the chance, ALWAYS pick up the rock and throw it? Always.

This picture cracks me up because it is so quintessentially Sweet Pea. Skirt over jeans. Jeans tucked in, so as to show off boots. Demanding to accessorize with her scooter, even though we told her a thousand times that we would NOT carry it once we got on the rough and muddy trails. At least in this picture she's got a good reason for the bike helmet. Usually, not so much.

I love it when they love each other. And usually they do.

Will's "crazy" face. Awww.

Mr. G says that I never like pictures of myself. Well. Here's why. Because Mr. G thinks it's all artsy to take these incredibly close up candid shots of the side of my head. Without fail I am making the "something smells" face. After a wee bit of Photoshoping, (come ON. Nobody over 19 looks good from that close) this one isn't terrible. So here ya go honey.

Happy Tuesday


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