Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Y’all are just never gonna believe what my Mamma brought to my house Tuesday night.

(Um, yes. In my head sometimes I speak with a Southern drawl. That’s totally normal, thankyouverymuch.)

Do you see the carnage? The bio-hazard? The 2 inch heels intended to be worn by someone who can’t even read??? (Ohmahgah, Sweet Pea is just DYING to wear these. Natch.)

And now, in her own words, my Mother’s redemption right here on the interweb:

“After I read your blog last night all I could think about was how I raised you to be a good person. A person with strong ethics and morals. And then when you needed to make a decision about the right thing to do, I told you not to worry about it. Mommy guilt never goes away. Never!”

Aww. Isn’t that sweet?

She just felt awful about it. She made a special trip up there and dug though the shoe boxes to find them. Although she did say it wasn’t hard to spot the box with bloody fingerprints on it…

But anyhoo…Isn’t that cool? Thanks Mommy! I think we all feel better now.

(For the record, she also tried really hard to object to my statement about her being present for 98% of my “Bad Mommy” filings. But then I started to make a list and she got real quiet. And now y’all know why she’s so much fun…)



jmac said...

I would love to meet her someday!
and see the two of you together..

For the record.....true southern speak would spell it Mama. Gotta keep it real here, sistah!

Too bad the shoes don't fit you..they're cute!

Julia Kanouse said...

First of all, those are crazy shoes for a 7 year old. I know Suri Cruise is sporting the heels at 3 but come on! Secondly, go mom! Brought a little tear to my eye...

scarlett said...

You've got a good mama. J is right it is spelled mama.