Friday, April 02, 2010

I have decided as of late to become a little bit of a philosopher. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, given that I have never taken a philosophy class or read a philosophy book. But I figure that I am really good at thinking about things. And even better at making proclamations about my thinking and the resulting conclusions, and then acting as if I have solved all the problems of the world. So. If nothing else, this should be entertaining for a while.

I’ve got two things I’m thinking on right now – cogitating, as my grandma Ethel Baby would have said. The first is the whole “Power of your Thoughts” thing. The message – that your thoughts have the power to bring about things in your life – keeps getting tossed at me with the subtlety of a carsick rhinoceros.

It started with this woman who spoke at a conference I attended last year. Apparently she helped make that movie called The Secret. And when I went on Wine Weekend last year a couple of my girlfriends were all about changing the way they spoke about their goals. Instead of saying that they “wanted” or “wished” that things were happening (like a promotion at work, or a successful new business venture) they were using a more active tense. “I will” and “when ____ happens,” Remember when I lost my car keys? Well, that psychic spent a lot of time telling me that I needed to put the power of my mind to work for me. And then my uncle said essentially the same thing to me last week when I was fretting about something over which I have little or no control.

So I’ve been thinking about that. Thinking about the areas of my life where I project pessimism and doubt. The parts of me that are scared to be successful, or are comfortable with an “oh poor me” outlook on life. I have been focusing on letting go of worry. Accepting what I can change. Understanding and believing that “difficult” doesn’t mean “dangerous” or “doomsday”. Knowing that everything is fluid, and change is the only thing that is certain. And if that’s true, then why not focus on positive change? I’ve also been really working on “loving detachment” from some unhealthy relationships in my life. I’ve actually been meditating about giving hugs to people who generally cause me irritation and frustration.

Which I guess is bad news if you have been feeling cosmically hugged by me lately. But anyhoo…

I actually think all this is working. How is it working? Well, I’m a LOT less stressed out for one. And right now that is pretty much my only concern. But other little things are happening too. Things are falling into place in a way that they haven’t for a while. I’m having a lot of “small world” kind of interactions. Opportunities are knocking.

How cool is THAT?

The second thing I have been thinking about is a little deeper. It’s about God, and me. And what God wants from me, really. I haven’t gotten terribly far on this one. Mostly, I think, because I have a really REALLY hard time shutting up long enough to hear any voices other than the ones in my head that are totally engaged in over thinking this particular topic already.

Here’s what I’ve got so far: My life is a gift that I want to make great use of. God created me in his/her image, so God knows I have a L.O.T. of potential.

And like I said, opportunities are knocking.



Mendy said...

My take on the thought/energy connection goes somewhat like this - at any given time there are layers upon layers of events happening and energy being exchanged. Our ability to see every facet is limited. It is about where you direct your perception and what path that perception leads you to. My trouble with the Secret (okay, I've never read the book or seen the movie) is that there appears to be some idea that your thoughts manifest reality. Random horrible things happen to people all the time and random beautiful things happen to people all the time, with no thought at all. So, what is it that you see? And the really tricky thing is that the rose and garbage are the same thing.
Being less stressed is a very good thing. It's not like stress every helps anything. And that from someone who was born stressed out.

Love you.

Clover said...

I have never read the book or seen the movie either. So, I'm no expert. And I agree wholeheartedly that random things happen to good and bad people, and they are just RANDOM. I don't think that we get punished or rewarded for our thoughts.

I do think that people who are positive attract positive things and people into their lives. Probably because people want to do nice things for, and help out people who make them feel good. Likewise, people who are mean and horrible are treated as such. Self fulfilling prophecy or something like that.

I DO think there is something to the notion that collective thought has a physical presence. Right now is such a good example of that. The whole country is worrying and stewing and fretting...and it seems like that is just dragging us even further into a hole. Maybe that's just more self fulfilling prophecy? I dunno.

Anyway, yeah. Being less stresed is a good thing. :)