Friday, April 30, 2010

I know you’re going to think that I am totally full of it. But hand to my heart, this is the honest truth. (I mean, by now you guys can tell when I’m just flat making stuff up, right?)

On Monday I put Will on the potty. This is nothing new. He has been on the potty about 3-4 dozen times and not had a freakin’ clue what he was supposed to be doing up there. He would sit and unroll the toilet paper and then smile the “I can’t get into trouble for making a major mess and wasting natural resources because I am THIS CUTE” smile. And then he would hop down and flush while exclaiming, “I DID IT!”

I did not have high hopes.

I am not above bribery however. Not long ago I bought him some Thomas the Train underpants. I even let him wear a pair for about 10 minutes. Until, he peed the underpants, his last clean pair of jeans, and my couch. (Uh, who needs training here?)

So anyway, on Monday when I put him on the potty he did have the promise of some big boy underpants to motivate him. He peed. It was glorious. Naturally, his sister and I did all the requisite jumping up and down, cheering, and having him call friends and family far and wide to discuss the aforementioned pee pee in the potty. Then we went downstairs and celebrated with a Bear in the Big Blue House video where they sing about The Potty Train.

Honestly, I think that’s what did it. Because he started talking about how he wanted to “get on board the potty train.” So we made him a sticker chart and promised 1 sticker for sitting there and trying, 2 stickers for pee, and 3 stickers for Code Brown. Then I promised that if he filled up his sticker chart he could go to Toys R’ Us and buy a Sodor Engine.

The next morning I put him on the potty and he pooped. Again, fanfare. And 3 stickers.

You should have seen him. The kid looked at those three stickers, did the math, and then climbed back on that toilet and set to work trying muster up anything that would get him closer to the Tomas Train purchase. He wanted to know how many stickers for a toot. He wanted sticker credit for burps. And finally, he earned 3 more stickers.

He has not looked back. I have not changed a diaper in 4 days.

Thank you Thomas. You’re a very useful engine.


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