Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Father in Law has a newish hobby that just so happens to be a fantastic grandkid activity! It's called Geocacheing (sp??). In layman's terms, you use a GPS device to hunt for treasures that people hide. You go online to get a list of official treasure spots, and then you tromp around until you find things like baseball cards and McDonald's toys. When you find a cache, you are supposed to sign the log with the date and your Geo-handle - yes, my FIL has one - and then take a treasure and leave a treasure. My kids had great fun before we even left the house selecting what little trinkets they would leave in their Geocaches.

I totally volunteered the whole famdamily to go on this trek without even asking anyone if that is what they wanted to do. And, given that it was snowing on and off all day, I think Gigi was a pretty good sport. Thanks Gigi!

These are some serious treasure hunters. You can tell, because Sweet Pea wore her favorite sundress over her best jeans, and even brought a parasol.

At first we didn't find much, except wildlife. This hunting spot was called, "Heron's Harem" on the website. And when we saw these trees full of heron nests we knew why. I counted 22 nests, and we saw about 8 heron in them.

Mommy found a treasure...this picture does not even do this house,, justice. It is HUGE. I couldn't even fit the guest house in the frame. Funny, this is walking distance from my little ghetto house. I think I should become BFF's with my neighbors, don't you?

You know that saying about marching to the beat of a different drummer? In Will's case it's something about hunting for treasure on your own (cold) trail.

Another wildlife treasure! Someone on the trail a few yards before we reached this spot warned us that Daddy Swan was being very protective of his Lady and her eggs.

But we found Daddy to be quite friendly. He totally followed us around long after we were away from the nest and practically posed for my camera. I couldn't have been more than 5 feet from him when I took this. Funny, because today Sweet Pea's teacher was telling me about being chased by that same swan yesterday. I think that swan digs me...

YAY! Treasure!! We found 4 that day. Pretty good hunting.


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