Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A little blog surfing today led me to a post on Margo: Out and About with the header What would you be willing to do for 365 days in a row?

I'm thinking about it. But admittedly, its tough to be inspired about such things when you're downing 6 giant horse pill sized antibiotics every day. (Stupid summer cold...) So I'm not coming up with much.

What would you be willing to do?


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Tales from the Crib said...

ohhh, that's a tough one. I tried to give up diet coke, that lasted a month. So that wouldn't do it. I would be willing to eat ice-cream every day for 365 days- does that count? I like your list above. The saying I love you I could definitely do. I'd also love to be able to say I did something to improve my home in some way for 365 days. yeah, that'd be mine.