Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Happy birthday (one day late) to my beautiful Mom! She is my best girlfriend and an incredible role model. LOVE YOU MOM!! XOXOXO

We celebrated her birthday, and also my Uncle Barry's birthday (which is today) last night. Dinner was fabulous. Cashew crusted salmon fillets, roasted sweet onions, and a garlicky Napa Cabbage sautee. For dessert we were being indecisive, so we had homade strawberry shortcake parfaits, AND chocolate cake. Uh, yum.


Today marks 2 weeks of waking up with a dry pullup. Does that mean we are officially pottytrained?? Sweet William has decided after a week of practice peeing in the grass (and on the rocks, and in the sand, and in the lake, and on the road, and on a tree...) that he is ready to stand up at the potty. Gotta work on his control when the hose first turns on. (Note to self. Add clorox wipes to grocery list.)


The sun is FINALLY shining on us frozen little Idaho spuds. And everyone at Chez Golightly has a cold. Lame.


Our 4th of July was spectacular! Hope yours was too.

It seems like there should be a lot more to report, given that I am neglecting my little blog everso. But we are just busy living summer life. Both kids home all day means a lot of refereeing, chauffering, cleaning and entertaining. Wouldn't trade it though...


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