Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mission “Begin First Grade” accomplished! Sweet Pea rocked her first week, albeit a short one. She is completely enamored with eating in the cafeteria. In fact, if you didn’t pry you might think that was the only thing happening in first grade. But if I bribe and distract I can usually get her to let slip with some more information. For example, one of the boys in class has a dad who is a college basketball coach. (And unless there are a whole handful of dads over 7’ who wear college basketball shirts to drop their kids off at school, I am pretty sure I know which one he is.) Also, there is a reading loft in their classroom which she f.i.n.a.l.l.y got to access on Friday. I was also getting sketchy information about a thing called a “Patty” that goes on the back of your chair to hold your books and whatnot. (They don’t have desks.) Then yesterday she told her dad all about her book CADDY and that made considerably more sense.

She has mentioned a couple of new friends. And has also talked about meeting up with the old crew on the playground at recess. She comes home pretty wiped out. And she and her brother are kind of love/hating each other right now. But even with all that, I think we can consider the start of first grade to be a big success.

As for me…well…I’m a little giddy. Between starting our day early and organized, and being down one kid I feel like Supermom. My house is really clean. I’m knocking things off my to-do list like you wouldn’t believe. And I’ve been in the gym every day since school started. Not to mention getting some one on one play time with Sweet William. (Who keeps saying that he misses his sister. But as the days go on he seems to be adjusting to singleton status quite nicely.)

We have a very busy fall ahead of us. Will starts preschool this week. Both kids have gymnastics classes beginning soon. And there are at least two Vandal football games on the books. But right now the biggie occupying my time is a little soiree in my backyard in two weeks for our Governor and about 70 of our closest friends and strangers.

Today is all about yard work.

But now that school is here. Clover is back.


jmac said...

makes me yearn for the first day of school with my cute they were! Where did all that time go?????? L is absolutely adorable and looks so much like you....and W has the mischief in his eyes, just like you!!!! Precious kiddos!

Clover said...

Thanks Miz J. :) They are pretty rockin' kids. And I am trying hard not to blink, because I know if I do they'll be all grown up.