Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting there...


jmac said...

what the hell is going on around there??? you show us pics but with no explanation of why?? Details, bitch, details....!!!

Clover said...

Oh jeeze. So sorry! I keep forgetting that there are people who read this who don't have to listen to me freak out in person!

So, last Monday I was getting kids ready for bed. I flushed the toilet, and then I turned on the shower, and then Mike started screaming. So he runs in and turns off the water and says that there is water pouring out of our ceiling.

Sure enough, there is a big bubble in the family room ceiling, and a waterfall in the middle of it. Turns out that it isn't the shower's the toilet.


Anyway, we have been frantic trying to get the ceiling repaired because Wednesday we are hosting a party at our house for about 70 people, and the guest of honor is the Governor.

Sooo...the drywall guys did their thing. The painter comes tomorrow at 8AM and the carpet cleaner is next at noon. And then the next day we have a bigass party.

Cause that's how I roll.

OMG. I need a drink.