Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last Friday we packed up the kids and headed across town for what was billed as a "Balloon Glow" on the fairway at our golf course. We knew there would be at least one hot air balloon on display. We heard there would be food. We hoped there would be wine.

When we got there we were totally blown away. There were actually 6 balloons, and they were giving rides to the kids! It was absolutely amazing to watch not only the balloons, but the people who were operating them. It took several strong adults on each balloon to hold the lines and keep them from flying off into the wild blue yonder with our babies dangling beneath. And the heat that each balloon puts out is intense.

Sweet Pea was ready to hop inside the basket as soon as we walked onto the fairway. Will clung to my hand a little, but when I told him that only kids could go up he ditched me for his sister in a flash.

It was so cool to see my kids get to experience something that I have never been able to do. What an amazing life they are getting to live! We are so lucky.

I took some pics of course. This is my first time shooting in RAW, and since it was dusk the light was tricky. But I think these turned out pretty cool.


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