Sunday, October 10, 2010

Even if it weren't 10.10.10, today would still be a special day. Today is our "silk" anniversary. Which means 12 years. It also means I totally botched my anniversary gift for Mr. G. Sorry honey, I didn't get you a cravat.

I don't think there is any lack of schmoop around here. I may have even been told that I needed to "get a room" after that post about what a hottie Mr. G is. I've written about how hard he works to keep our little family in a constant state of bliss. I've posted a thousand pictures of the amazing family fun we have. You get it. He's awesome.

So instead of more of the lovey dovey stuff, I think I'll tell you something embarrassing. Maybe I could make a list of embarrassing stuff...Oh, that's a great idea. Ok, here goes:

We have a secret code in case either of us is ever body snatched or cloned by evil forces.

We stopped worrying about whether or not the bathroom door was shut years ago.

Sometimes we find each other dreadfully boring. Usually that happens when we are driving somewhere and he only wants to talk about work, and I only want to talk about kids. When that's the case, we sometimes play a driving game where you think of actual band names that could double as nasty STD's. Or alternately, where you make farty noises with your mouth and then name them things like, "The Sneak Attack" or "Unabomber."

Long ago...before we had children...I made him learn all the old Girl Scout Camp songs that I know. And he sings them with me in the car.

8th grade humor makes him giggle like a girl.

I accidentally gave him the same Valentines Day card 3 years in a row because I thought it was sassy and sexy. Something about how I like my Valentines like I like my martinis...dirty.

I buy him silly boxer shorts, and he wears them even though he gets embarrassed about them at the gym.

At his bachelor party he threw up on a stripper.

And he never thinks twice about being silly with me or the kids just for the sake of having fun and making memories.

I love you honey! I don't know who these old people are celebrating 12 years of marriage. But I'm glad you're still my boyfriend.



Gridiron Girl said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love the family cute...all of you!

scarlett said...

Happy 12 years. Seems like just yesterday I was flashing my maternity panties and watching my husband lead the YMCA. That was some wedding!

Mellisa Rock said...

Happy Anniversary - it's fun to see that you are still being silly with each other. Next year will be the big 10 for Hubby and I!