Friday, December 31, 2010

Today is really freaking me out.

I keep remembering the day in grade school – I think 6th grade in Mr. Coe’s class at Garfield Elementary – when we figured out how old we would be at the turn of the century. My exemplary 6th grade math skillz told me that on January 1st, 2000, I would be 26 years old. Man. That seemed O.L.D. Ancient. Out of college and stuff.

I don’t remember what I imagined my life to be like at the decrepit old age of 26. But I do remember my heart stopping briefly as I thought about myself aging…really aging…for the first time.

When it was finally time to party like it was 1999 I was, of course, flabbergasted that 26 year old me had arrived on the scene so quickly. I think I spent a lot of time reminiscing about 6th grade me on that day too.

On the Eve of Y2K everyone was excited for history in the making, and nervous about the possibility of worldwide pandemonium. I was pissed about feeling completely underdressed. I made Mr. G. drive me all the way across town in a snowstorm so I could change clothes. Heh. I can’t imagine being able to upend our entire evening on a whim now.

I know that if we had dedicated a moment of thought that night to things beyond “The Perfect Cocktail to Toast the New Year,” we would have realized that the next decade would be the most important of our lives. But we were newlyweds in formal attire that had a party to attend with a couple thousand of our closest friends.

And here we are. That entire decade is over. I’m now 36. Which merely the thought of would probably have sent 12 year old me into some kind of depression. Of course I realize that 36 isn’t old. I might have a few creaks in my knees. A couple of very charming smile lines around my eyes. Some grey hairs. And let’s not even talk about the effects of gravity on the girls…But you know what? I feel fantastic. I’m quite possibly in the best shape of my life. And HELLO. I am damn cute! Not even in that “for a mom” kind of way. So there.

So many things have happened over the course of the last 10 years that will shape the rest of our lives. Mr. G started our business. We moved into our “forever house” and bought our little mountain escape. Most importantly, we became parents. 6th grade Clover probably wanted to be a mom someday. 26 year old Clover was wondering when it might feel like the right time for “someday” to arrive. Thirty-six year old Clover can’t imagine how we ever stumbled through the world without our kids to teach us about love and laughter and really living.

Tonight we start a whole new decade. When it ends I will be the mother of a 16 and 13 year old. Honestly, I can’t even imagine what that will look like. I just know it’s going to get here a whole lot faster than we want it to.

Happy New Year!


Mendy said...

My pal Eric and I were laughing the other night habout how when we were in out 20's the year 2010 seemed impossibly far off. Here it is five seconds later.
Happy New Year!

Clover said...

Mr. G pointed out that my math skillz are horrid. I was 25 on 12/31/1999. Thank you very much.

scarlett said...

hmm, in another 10 years the little man will be legally able to share a bottle of wine with us at dinner and gigi will be a junior in college. We on the other hand will still be cute and not in a mom kinda way!

scarlett said...

I think I just felt my heart break a little