Saturday, January 01, 2011

The other night I was talking with some of my girls about the lovely Sheila the psychic. You may remember that in a moment of desperation two years ago I consulted her about finding some lost keys.

Well, after she helped me find my keys we had a little psychic party at my house. About 6 of my girlfriends came over and Sheila did mini readings for them. Everyone left feeling quite happy about what she told them. (Psychic Sheila’s Suga Shack on Facebook, if you’re interested.)

My reading was, in retrospect, really awesome. It happened just a couple of weeks after I made the switch to stay at home mom two years ago. I was still kind of freaking out about how all that was going to work, and Sheila said exactly what I needed to hear. Quit living in your mind and start living your life. Be in the moment…

I had all these plans for launching a my little crafty business while I was home with the kids. Etsy, craft fairs, etc. It never happened, and I never really worried about it. I was too busy enjoying my time with my kids.

Sheila told me then that my time at home would be fleeting. She said that in just a year or so I would be back doing work for a non-profit. Planning parties and working with people.

I forgot she said that. Completely erased it from my mind. Until Scarlett and I were talking about her after Christmas dinner. (And also my mom, my mother in law, and my aunt in law. What fun girls in my family!!)

I start that new job on Monday. Alumni relations for a private high school. Wow.



Julia Kanouse said...

I just wanted to say congrats on the new job and good luck today!

1SliperJoe said...

Awesome blog :) Im following you, if you like my videos please follow also. Cheers :)