Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Remember those pictures I posted in September of the gigantic hole in my family room ceiling? Well, this post is all about the silver lining to that gigantic craptastic gray cloud.

Apparently, the fastest and least expensive way to get a new floor in your master bathroom is to have the toilet leak slowly into the sub floor for a while. The demo work happened amazingly fast. And then my insurance company gladly put new tile in for us. Gorgeous new tile. Big gray squares with a white pebble border around the tub and shower. So pretty.

(Um. Yeah...I forgot to take pictures of the floor. But I will. Just not now, because my laptop is being really lame. And I am quite sure that if I try to mess around in Photoshop any more tonight I am just taunting the blue screen of death into paying me a visit.)

Where was I? Oh, right...my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful new floor. It really is so lovely. And I am not just saying that because of the stained white carpet it replaced. Yes. You read that right. Somebody thought that it was a good idea to put carpet in the bathroom. WHITE carpet. And I am pretty sure that at one time it was really nice, expensive white carpet. It's wall to wall here actually. Clearly, there were no pets or children at this address before we moved in. Clearly. At this point, we are just waiting for all that formerly white carpet to spontaneously combust.

But back to my pretty bathroom. Once the (beautiful) new floor was in, the other parts of the very dated bathroom started to look even more 1991 ghetto. And then, as if in answer to my prayers, the white tile countertops began to crumble right apart. You would be brushing your teeth, and if you leaned against the countertop a tile would just come right off.

In addition to being super tacky, I deemed this to be quite dangerous and immediately started researching our options. As it turns out, a piece of remnant granite and in depth knowledge of Overstock.com can turn you into the next HGTV do it yourself star.

We had the granite installed professionally. But Mr. G and I did the rest ourselves. Mostly that involved some basic plumbing. But there was also an awful lot of silver paint involved. We still plan to put a glass tile backsplash up. But if we're being honest...I don't really care when that gets done. I'm just enjoying my fancy pants bathroom. Have a peek...

Incidentally, I have learned just how difficult it is to photograph a room. I now have a lot more respect for those guys over at Architectural Digest.

My shiny "new" vanity. Love. Love. Love. Even the little knobs are cool. Love. Le sigh.

And the rehabed medicine cabinet. Seriously, you can't even believe how ugly that thing was pre paint and new cabinet handles.

This is actually a candliere that I've had hanging there for years. But it looks so much better now that the rest of the bathroom isn't...well...ugly.

Ditto these towel hooks. I despise towel bars. Especially right next to the shower. Not functional at all. So I always rip them out and put hooks in. Now my hooks look kind of spa-ish. Says me.

Um. These towel bars don't count. First of all, they are pretty. And second, they are not intended to do anything except hold the towels that no one is allowed to use. Deckrashuns. As Will likes to call those kinds of things.

My vision for the master suite was always kind of a Caribbean feel. In the bedroom the walls are a bright green, and there are french doors that let in a ton of light. Then you go into the bathroom with its two big windows and the effect is quite summery. The cheery blue paint with the white towels and white starfish makes me feel like I'm on an island, even in January.

There are still a few things I would like to do in this room. New mirrors with big silver frames. And a new light fixture, specifically. And then we move on to the dreadful downstairs bathroom. I've been inspired by some of the wallpaper on the Nest Interiors blog. I don't have any black walls in my house yet...

When do I get my own TV show?



Mellisa Rock said...

Looks great! I hear ya on the carpet...I am currently waiting for the carpet in my dining room (with 4 kids) to be replaced.

AngMomof3 said...

Nice work! I totally thought your photo was a "dream shot" from a mag. :) So glad to hear that the inconvenience and mess ended in such a fabulous new bath! Love it. And I now dream of my toilets slowly leaking into the floor... :)

Clover said...

Yes, who knew raw sewage could be a good thing?

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Ooh! Pretty! You kinda have me wishing that the toilet would start leaking into the subfloor in my downstairs bathroom...

wiwwa said...

I love it! Y'all did a great job with the renovations... gorgeous! This is very similar to what I want to do with my master bathroom (when I have one)... a very "beach house" feel.