Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you want to know what? I have never, not ever, not one single time been on a Spring Break Trip. Ok. Well. Once when I was in college I decided that instead of sitting in rainy cold gloomy Boise for Spring Break I would rather sit in rainy, cold, gloomy Seattle. So I went up there and stayed with my aunties and (then) little cousins. I’m sure it was delightful in its own right. But at the same exact time that I was rusting in the PNW just about all of my friends – including my (then) boyfriend were hanging out on a houseboat on Lake Havasu, AZ for MTV’s Spring Break Party. Every now and again I would catch a glimpse of them on the teevee and feel just about how I feel right now. Grouchy. And Pouty. And hateful.

I have never been one for being the bigger person it seems.

Plus, when I got back to my beloved and yet even colder and gloomier and drearier than Seattle college town, I found out that my (then) boyfriend spent the entire trip cheating on me. Again.


I think I have chronic Spring Break Depression. Poor me, right? The world is going to hell in a hand basket around us, and I’m pouty about umbrella drinks and cocoa butter. The good news is I don’t expect sympathy. In fact, I’d rather that we just not talk about it at all thankyouverymuch.

Don’t be surprised if I don’t look at your vacation pictures. In fact if you insist on spreading your stupid sunshine all over Facebook you just might want to brace yourself for a snarky comment or two from me. Ok. Not really. But in my head I’m totally flipping you and your cabana boy off.



AngMomof3 said...

Ah, yes. You have had a few miserable ones. I'm sorry.

I AM thankful that the spring break cheating by El Ex-O led to the demise of your relationship. Your life quickly turned to a better place after all that.

Let's plan a trip for next Spring break (or for our 40th bday). We can rock your socks off and blow away the spring break blues!
HA! My word verification word is "cocount". Let's call it coconut and a sign for what we should seek on our big trip...

Clover said...

I love it! :-)

I've got my sights set on a Disney Cruise for our next big family vaca. I'm not sure when that might become a reality, but it's on my wish list. For spring break I'd be happy with a trip to anywhere warm.

My word verification sugggests that after dinner cocktails are a must.

And yes, for the record, my jerky ex bf makes me appreciate the wonderful husband just that much more!

jmac said...

what about your 7 days in '09 aboard blew bayou during the month of may to roatan? not count as a spring fling? we tried to find you as many beaches as possible....even a unicorn...!

Clover said...

I have been feeling exceptionally guilty about not including that as my one and only Spring Break trip. Because it was really the most fantastic vacation ever. And having been on it, I should shut the front door. BUT, for the purposes of feeling gloomy and pouty I am going with the was spring, but it wasn't SPRING BREAK. LOL. Therefore, I am owed a fun family trip somewhere warm during the officially sanctioned Spring Break timeframe at least one time in my life.

Says me.