Thursday, July 21, 2011

This summer feels like we have turned a corner, or made a leap...or something.  My kids are just suddenly so...I don't even know.  Capable?  Accomplished? Grown up?  All of the above.   It's enough to take your breath away.  And sometimes leaves me standing around wondering what I should be doing.  Is it Ok, for me to sit and read a magazine??  I'm just not used to not being...needed.  Le sigh. 

But I do like to read magazines...

We headed into Spring with me in a panic over the lack of swimming skills at Casa Del Clover.  It felt like a big parenting failure on our parts.  So I signed the kids up for 4 weeks of swimming lessons and crossed my fingers.  On day one, Sweet Pea jumped in the deep end and swam across the pool.  Yay!  Yay!  So she's taken care of, and that was my #1 goal.  But now I have to finish 2 more weeks of Mommy and Me swimming lessons at the public pool.  And that is another post entirely.  (They don't heat the public pool.  Did you know that?  And if you think I'm being a weenie about that, don't even ask me about the lack of waitstaff.  I'm just sayin'...)

Anyhoo...I'm so excited about the newfound water skills.  To that end, we have been beaching, boating, pooling and otherwise consuming more than our fair share of spray on sunscreen.  (Has anyone else noticed how expensive that stuff has gotten?  It's like $10 for two trips to the pool.  I've over it.  I bought a bottle of old school No Ad the other day.  I guess that's another perk of older kids.  They don't squirm while you grease 'em up.)

This week we are soaking up our summer sun Mountain style.  These are some pics of day two of our Southern Idaho Staycation, at Davis Beach in McCall. (Courtesy of Mr. G.) In just a few days we'll head to Sun Valley for part deux of G Family Fun.  My happy kids tell me they like this summer itenerary.


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