Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You know that thrill you get when you get to make the very first tracks in fresh snow?  I absolutely love that.  Ever since I was a little girl I've daydreamed about what a place would look like without buildings or roads, or even footprints.  It's not often that I've been able to see a place that really looked untouched by people.  A few days ago we went on a hike that was probably as close to that as I've ever been.  Of course we saw the occasional trail marker, footprint, and even an old log fence.  So it wasn't exactly an appearance on Survivor.  But you felt like you could see for miles, and for miles and miles we didn't see another soul. 

For all my local peeps, you should hike this trail.  And if you camp, check out Goose Lake which is on the way.  It is stunning and the campsites are right on the little lake.  I think it would be perfect if you're camping with kids, but ready to break out of the campground scene.  It would be even more fun if you had a canoe.  (And I will come visit you and then drive back to my bed at my nice warm cabin.  Hey, I'm honest...)

The trail we hiked is the Twin Lakes Trail.  It is past the ski resort on Brundage Mountain in McCall, Idaho.  (You keep driving on that road for 9 miles past the lodge.)  The drive is stunning.  The hike is listed as moderately strenuous.  It's 3 miles roundtrip.  A mile and a half up to the lake, and then you just hike the same trail back down the hill.  It was muddy and rocky, and we found lots of little patches of snow.  But the kids and the (old) dog did great.  There was so much to look at (and sniff) that I guess they didn't notice they were climbing a pretty steep hill.   This is a good one for families, but not an easy one.  Everyone is going to need to be able to walk the entire distance on their own. 

It's mid July and the trail was definately still mucky and wet.  I wouldn't hike this with kids in the springtime.  And there are big stretches without much shade, so pick a cooler day and wear sunscreen!

 By the time you see this sign, you're almost there!

You start out in this meadow full of little yellow and white flowers.  Wear hiking boots!  It's soggy.

There was a big fire here in 1994.  Ghost trees everywhere.

Up the creekbed.  I bet the water was raging down this hill a few weeks ago.

Snow in July!

A vantage point about 1/4 of the way up.

The lake!  The name Twin Lakes suggests there is another one, but I didn't see it.

See the snow?  Yeah...the lake is c.o.l.d.

William's walking stick.

A family picture at the top.

When we got back to the meadow, Will found a lucky horseshoe!

Hope you get to have a beautiful summer day here, or whereever you may be!


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