Thursday, May 10, 2012

I was just thinking about how this silly little pop song (Carly Rae Jepsen) reminds me of when I was first crushing on Mr. G. And then I remembered that today is the 16th anniversary of the night that I decided he was cute and then dropped hints and waited, and waited, and waited for him to kiss me.

 No such luck. So I kissed him instead.

 Best move I ever made. Where do you think you're going Baby?



Wednesday, May 02, 2012

We have a situation. It seems that young William is in love. Poor kid’s got it bad too. He fidgets. He swoons. He blushes. You can practically see his heart fluttering at the mere mention of his beloved’s name. It’s nothing short of total twitterpation.

She’s a lovely girl. But it’s definitely a doomed romance. She’s 3.5 years his senior. And if the December/May romance wasn’t complicated enough, she’s in the second grade for crying out loud. There’s just So. Much. More. that she has experienced in this world. I fear she has very little time nor patience for my pint sized Casanova.

Either he hasn’t notice or doesn’t care about all that. He’s too busy planning their future. Last night at dinner he mentioned her name. When Grandma asked if that was a friend from school he sighed and said, “No, that’s just the girl who is going to marry me.” Grandma, who is much better at hiding her amusement than I am, asked what made this girl so special. He told her exactly what he told me the night before…”She wears really soft clothes. Just like Mommy.”

Later he added that the really soft clothes make us good for snuggling. I am pretty sure that is about the highest compliment a four-year-old romantic can give.

Apparently it’s also the go-to pickup line. On Saturday he marched right up to her and asked if she would care for a snuggle. She didn’t say no…

She must also smell nice. Because there’s a shirt he keeps burying his nose into, and he won’t let me wash it. He tells me that her perfume must have rubbed onto him when they were snuggling at the movies on Friday night. (At Sweet Pea’s birthday party. Clearly I need to watch out for this snuggling obsession.) Or, later when they were playing tag and she tackled him.

Either or.

Usually on Wednesday afternoons I have to drag him out the door to go pick his sister up from school. This morning he woke up at 7AM and asked how much longer it would be. sweet boy. Matters of the heart are complicated at best.


 (You'll have to forgive me. It appears that Google is bullying me into changing my browser by holding my blog functionality hostage. Things are kinda wonky...)