Adding things faster than I can get them crossed off.

As it turns out my bucket list is mostly the places I want to go, and what I want to eat when I get there.

I AM going to launch an etsy site. Soon. Let’s put a date on that. How about July 1, 2010.

Someday I would like to spend some time on the East Coast in the fall. I’d ride a bike along a country lane and be a leaf peeper. I would eat lobster in Maine and Clam Chowder in Boston. I’d watch the Macy’s parade. I would do my Christmas shopping in New York City.

When my kids are older I would like to spend a vacation giving back. Mr. G has a second cousin who runs an orphanage in Mexico. Or maybe we could help build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Or do some environmental restoration.

I’d like to spend a week at a spa. Like the kind of spa where you do yoga and hike and then get a mud bath and a full body massage followed by a candlelight dinner.

I want to take my kids snorkeling in Roatan, Honduras.

I want to visit Belize, Fiji, Costa Rica and Bali. After my trip to Roatan with the Captain and his lovely bride, I think I’d be brave enough to venture off the beaten path. Maybe even eat something I bought off the side of the road.

I would love to take a week long cooking class at an Italian Villa. I either want my beloved to come with me so that we could be all romantic over red wine and red sauce. Or my girlfriends so we could eat and laugh and laugh and laugh…Although, really, Mr. G and I are pretty good at the eating and laughing bit too. Romance and giggles. Sorry girls, you’re out.

I want to be able to run a 5k. Currently working on that one. You natural born runners out there…don’t take it for granted.

There is a place not far from here called Molly’s Hot springs. They have a bunch of old bathtubs lined up along a river bank. You use a hose from a natural hot springs to fill your bathtub, and then buckets of cold water from the river to cool it enough to get in. I am SO taking the kids there this summer.

I can remember being in grade school and watching a video my mom was previewing for her high school art students. It was all about the Louvre. I have wanted to go there ever since. And while we’re at it…I’m going to do a lot of shopping and eating in France.

I really need to learn how to play my guitar.

And I’d like to take a photography class.

My girl Julie is from a small town in Louisiana. She promised to take me there someday and show me her Daddy’s pirogue. I am holding her to it. And then we are going to go to New Orleans and eat po’boys and gumbo and beignets and spit olive pits at central grocery.